Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Let Life Be Like Music"

I am curious.

Imagine a patient suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease.
A person who has all but forgotten who he is.
What if this person had been a musician?
What would happen if he were to hear his own music?
Would it have an impact? What would it be?
What if he listened to it regularly throughout the course of his illness?
What effects would that produce?

One could argue that this would be an experiment, and perhaps one for which the patient couldn't give consent at least in some cases.

And that question should give us serious pause.

But I wonder if one might catch a slight momentary spark of recognition, or perhaps simply pleasure, in his waning eyes?

When the voice cries out in the wilderness can you tell that it is your own?

PS: Thanks to Langston Hughes for the catchy title.

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